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When young people are engaged & involved in their community, it positively influences their lives - and the lives of those in their community - immeasurably. Active and engaged minds will always be the nucleus and driving force of a thriving community, and provide safer environments for personal growth & development. Ignite The Voice aims to become an integral part of the New Haven community, and a catalyst towards providing a safer, more inclusive, and creative environment for today's youth. Click below to learn more about our organization, services and programs. 


Ignite The Voice exceeded our Giving Tuesday Goal!! Across campaign platforms, we raised $1,635!!! Thank you to everyone who donated and everyone who helped spread the word about our campaign!!!! We are grateful!!!!

Thank You Letter

Feeding New Haven November 14, 2021


Ignite The Voice was proud to be of assistance to Feeding New Haven pt 2!!! Our youth and Board Members collected items and came out to help distribute because we all find ourselves in need of help at some point!! Thank you, John Letskus Jr. and Nadia Letskus for letting us collaborate on something so necessary!!

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