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When young people are engaged & involved in their community, it positively influences their lives - and the lives of those in their community - immeasurably. Active and engaged minds will always be the nucleus and driving force of a thriving community, and provide safer environments for personal growth & development. Ignite The Voice aims to become an integral part of the New Haven community, and a catalyst towards providing a safer, more inclusive, and creative environment for today's youth. Click below to learn more about our organization, services and programs. 


June 30th 2023

Youth Resilience!!!!!

Ignite The Voice, Inc and Creative Hearts Inc are joining forces in fundraising for a collaborative project in 2023 which will create a very special platform for New Haven youth!!! 

Bregamos Community Theater

491 Blatchley Ave New Haven, CT 6pm

Come support our youth as they are celebrated for their artistic talents and resilience!!!


$10 for adults $5 for children under 13. 

Bought at the door or from a board member. 

Updated Flyer.jpg

Youth Resilience Live! A collaborative series and event between Ignite The Voice and Creative Hearts. A 3-part competition open to youth (ages 5-19) all over the state of Connecticut. The theme of all showcases is Mental Health and /or experiences over the past 2 years, how living through a global pandemic impacted their mental health.

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