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When young people are engaged & involved in their community, it positively influences their lives - and the lives of those in their community - immeasurably. Active and engaged minds will always be the nucleus and driving force of a thriving community, and provide safer environments for personal growth & development. Ignite The Voice aims to become an integral part of the New Haven community, and a catalyst towards providing a safer, more inclusive, and creative environment for today's youth. Click below to learn more about our organization, services and programs. 

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For the second year in a row, Ignite The Voice is teaming up with Creative Hearts for Youth Resilience!!! A Multiphase project, with Visual arts, Performing Arts and Mental Wellness components.

Phase one, beginning in July we're partnering with Stetson Public Library to hold our Graphic Arts workshops free for participants 8-12. Limited Space! 

Phase two, we will be auditioning youth performers for the Youth Resilience showcase. Each performance should reflect themes of mental health and wellness. A team of professional musicians and performers carefully selected by Creative Hearts Executive Director.

Phase 3 both Visual and Performance Arts participants will be up for Prizes as we celebrate the connection between Artistic Expression and Mental Wellness. Our team of youth facilitators from Ignite The Voice’s Our Mental Health Matters, along with consultant Dr. Rebecca Cohen will organize presentations of five minutes or less at intervals throughout the event to talk about concepts of mental health, stigmas, coping strategies and where to find necessary resources. 

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