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When young people are engaged & involved in their community, it positively influences their lives - and the lives of those in their community - immeasurably. Active and engaged minds will always be the nucleus and driving force of a thriving community, and provide safer environments for personal growth & development. Ignite The Voice aims to become an integral part of the New Haven community, and a catalyst towards providing a safer, more inclusive, and creative environment for today's youth. Click below to learn more about our organization, services and programs. 


The 36 hour online event (from May 1-2)  is a great time to give what you can and support the missions of your favorite nonprofit or community organizations!! 


And for the second year we are partnering with Creative Hearts Inc to fundraise for this year’s Youth Resilience Project, our multi phase project which consists of Visual Art, Performance Art and Mental Wellness. Last year’s project and final event was impactful!!!! This year we have a $2,000 goal to help us in our fundraising efforts for Youth Resilience. 


However you're able to help, we are more than appreciative!!! The Great Give Begins May 1st at 8:00 am!!


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