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Ignite The Voice’s Youth Advisory Board

As an organization centered around youth and their freedom of expression, our
Youth Advisory Board is a key part of our operations, especially as Ignite The
Voice has made efforts to become more youth-led. The Youth Advisory Board
has voting power on the ITV board of directors, and many YAB members go on to
serve on the board of directors. It is a great youth development tool.
The Youth Advisory Board is responsible for the youth-led series, which helps
guide the organization’s overall direction. These series are thoughtfully organized
and led by YAB members who collectively assess issues that directly affect them
and their peers and actively seek solutions. These peer to peer events have
included topics such as youth employment, college preparation and mental
healthcare access. In each event the youth board members do exceptional
research to provide other young people with accurate information, leads and
available resources. These events fill in gaps they find in their schools and other
social services that so often act as a barrier to independence and self sufficiency
for young people.

- Age 13-19 (passionate 12 year olds will be considered)
- Live in or around The New Haven Area
- Passionate about our community

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