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Youth-Led Series

An integral part of Ignite The Voice’s services is Youth Leadership carried out through carefully planned youth-led activities. These activities are organized and led by youth board members who collectively assess issues that directly affect them and their peers and actively seek solutions. These peer to peer events have included topics such as youth employment, college preparation and mental health access. In each event the youth board members do exceptional research to provide other young people with accurate information, leads and available resources. These events fill in gaps they find in their schools and other social services that so often act as a barrier to independence and self sufficiency for young people.

Self Expressionz

Performing arts training led by professional performers and artists within the New Haven community. These workshops are based on the expressed interests of youth participants, their desire to dive into & develop their artistic self, and learn new forms of creative & expressive art-forms. This includes a diverse range such as dancing, singing, acting, writing, songwriting, and even audio/visual programs. Self Expressionz’ goal is to help participants turn their thoughts & ideas into polished works of art.


Designed as an open discussion forum where youth can come together - without being judged or reprimanded - to discuss topics that affect them and their community on a daily basis. Ultimately our goal is to enable the youth to develop the ability to communicate effectively, create positive solutions from these discussions, and implement plans of action in order to create meaningful change in their community.



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