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Youth Resilience Summer 2024

For the second year in a row, Ignite The Voice is collaborating with Creative Hearts Inc. for Youth Resilience 24, a multi-phase project which includes Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Mental Health and Wellness. For this year our Visual Arts workshops will be Graphic Art facilitated by Artist Cady Norris. Creative Hearts Inc, will be working with the young performers who register for the Youth Resilience Live Competition and Event.

Ignite The Voice’s Our Mental Health Matters Team will be on hand at the live event to give short presentations regarding mental health, resources and coping strategies. Youth Resilience is all about the connection between creative expression and mental health, but this year our theme will be Identity.

IDENTITY. The intersectionality of identity and the nuance of social identity and how we learn early in life to move through spaces where parts of who we are may not be celebrated or even accepted.

The Live Showcase and competition will be on August 23rd and will include prizes in both the Visual Arts and Performing Arts categories!! This will be a family event that celebrates community, youth expression, and mental health awareness in young people!!!

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