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The Mission of Ignite the Voice, Inc. is to amplify New Haven’s Youth Voice to strengthen their creative expression and their community. Ignite The Voice understands that when young people feel heard and feel their ideas are valued it only betters the entire community. When at-risk youth are heard, and are able to utilize other outlets of expression, the less likely they are to engage in self destructive activities.  Established in 2015, this organization was created to engage the youth, help them collaborate with one another, tapping into their talents, creativity, and potential. 

There is a two pronged approach to Ignite The Voice’s programs and services. The first uses the creative arts as a means of self expression. By providing access to different artforms, through specific workshop series and events, Ignite the Voice encourages youth to share their unique perspectives and ideas to create necessary dialogue.The second part of Ignite The Voice’s services is Youth Leadership through carefully planned youth led activities based on issues our Youth Board Members feel are relevant to their lives. 


Amplifying New Haven's Youth Voice to strengthen their creative expression and their community

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